My first affiliate marketing post. Ever.

My first affiliate marketing post. Ever.

I just posted my first official affiliate marketing post over at the Feathered Outlaw blog site. I’m rather excited and frustrated at the same time.

I’m excited because I’ve studied affiliate marketing for a really long time, and never took action. It ended up being painless and a whole lot of fun making. The blog post describes origins of the quote “And in that moment we were infinite” from one of our Feathered Outlaw Designs. I actually didn’t know where that quote came from when I was creating the shirt, and felt it was just a good thing to create for our content marketing strategy.  And the  obvious affiliate products in question  are the book and movie version of “The Perks of being a wall flower” by Stephen Chbosky.

However, I’m frustrated because I loaded that sucker up full of keywords and other meta descriptions, and I’m not seeing it show up in Google. I know, I know…I’m being impatient. However, I thought it would be a good plan to start blogging of my blogging adventures. Partially to help in creating another means to get my meta tags in the google rankings (I have buckycore splattered all over that damn site). But also, I think it’s important that I just start to blog more frequently.

You can’t exactly be considered a blogger and content marketer if you casually blog, now can you?  I’ll just muster up the courage and inspiration to make this an on going process.

Until then, STAY RAD!

(BTW: Hello Romania) 





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