A long overdue post.

Pencil cup illustration done in Clip Studio, 2020 by BuckyCoreBlogging and keeping current with my progress on projects is NOT my forte, and I shall lie about this. I don’t even know how or what is entailed for an artist blog? Do I narcissistically yammer about the process of what I’m working on and why? Who the fuck wants to read this bullshit? And why. Seriously…with the current state of the world, I went through a long, dark dark phase of nihilistic “What’s the point?” with the sharing of my projects. And I went down a path of being a ranting online SJW. Well, guess what? The problems are still there (if not even worse since March), I solved nothing and nearly had a dangerous nervous breakdown that would have cost long-standing damage to my mental, emotional and physical health if I didn’t stop. So I’ll just go back to living in my little castle in the sky, and hope I’ll gather a few admirers on the way.

BUT I want to be clear: If you find the need to proselytize, elucidate, educate, or just downright need to PREACH the good word of current topics and how Black Lives Matter daily…please. Do. I’m with you always. I just need to chill for a while and find a healthier means to communicate these issues to the world.

With that said: here’s the art. Around 2018, I had started on a venture entitled “Lumana Creations” I wanted to rebel against all the previous styles and genres done for clients throughout the years. I want images that were highly detailed and elaborate with either a spiritual if not downright metaphysical/occult flavor in mind.
The problem with that is, of course, that that sort of thing takes you a long ass time. I’ve not gotten the first round of images completed. But here’s the update to the first in the series I’m simply calling the “Radala” I think this might either be called “Daath” or “The mind star”
(People in the know will know why I would call it that.

My Instagram Web Comic #1

I don’t do shit with my WordPress blog, and I don’t have my official site up yet, so I might as well share the goods I’m posting on Instagram in full-page glory. This is just to get me in the habit of creating webcomics without worrying too much as to what the story is about. Hopefully, I’ll do lots and publish a book.

Completed on 12/31/2019